Half Whack Registration Closing…..

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Get your registration in quick if you wanna get in on the half whacked action….

Registration is closing 14th June 2013…. that’s a little over a week away. We have quite a few registered already so this promises to be a great little event.



Half Whack 2013 – Registration

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Due to responses for Winter Whack 4 Christchurch Bike Polo has decided to do a Half (winter) Whack. This will be a more relaxed/friendly tournament that will be a shuffle (in the sense that teams will be randomly selected to include a mix of skill levels).

Please specify your skill level using the form below, we will then use this to mix up some semi even teams…
Our goal for this event is to get more people out to tournaments who may otherwise feel they aren’t “good” enough to play in one, so it will help if these people are partnered with some more experienced players, which should give each team a good chance.

The date is confirmed  as Friday, 28 June 2013 – Sunday, 30 June 2013Andy1

The Friday night will likely be knife fights / relaxed pickup type play, Saturday is tournament Day, Sunday is likely to be more pick up or maybe a mini tournament and some arranged high intensity games.

The details are not all sorted yet but early registration will allow us to work out how many we are accounting for and what sort of budget we have to work with. Rest assured that the event will be excellent.

Please use the form below to register for the tournament. Before registering, please use internet banking to deposit $10 into the Christchurch Hardcourt bank account.

Bank account details are:

Acct: 031598 0411641 00 (westpac)

Please use your name and HW2013 as a reference

New Logo

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Christchurch Bike Polo has a new look.  If you’re wondering what it’s all about the 3 squares represent the 3 public squares in Christchurch, namely Cathedral Square, Latimer Square and Cranmer Square, they also spell CBP in a graphic sort of  way.  Oh and those are mallets thrown in too – Christchurch has a fairly unique system of throwing mallets and chosing teams… kinda like curling.  Two sports for the price of one here!

Expect to see the new logo all over the world of bike polo from here on.

Tournament Season

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Lots of good Kiwi Bike Polo events coming up:


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It’s mid winter and freezing here in CHC but in North America it’s tournament time… North American Champs this weekend in Milwaukee!!

Live streaming “polo tv” with commentary and all sorts of Jazz all weekend.  Hook the laptop up to the big screen!

You Make The Rules

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The highly anticipated sticker delivery for the GOALHOLE – YOU MAKE THE RULES competition arrived today in CHC.  Get ’em at the courts or as something to doodle on during the AGM tomorrow evening… Details of how to enter are at GOALHOLE.

WWIII – Video

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So this has been all over Facebook for the last few days but I’m aware some of you don’t venture into that ‘arena’.  Richard from Timaru has done an amazing job of capturing the feel of the tournament with this video – watch it all the way through as the last minute is worth the wait…


Teeeeee maaaaaa roooo ’13!

WWIII – The Press

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Another great NZ clothing brand.  Paul from Solo has cornered the market for beautifully designed retro inspired cycle jerseys.  I’ve seen Solo garments in photo’s of polo tournaments all over the world – they’re probably too pretty for the court but if you ride bikes elsewhere and love classic styling then they have a place in your wardrobe.  Solo has a brother brand too – Derny.  Urban cycle wear.  Tailored styles that go as good on a bike as they do at the cafe sinking short blacks.  This stuff is all seriously nice.


WWIII – Cactus

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Cactus Equipment are another of  the original supporters of Winter Whack.  They make the most durable and well conceived outdoor equipment I’ve ever seen and owned, plus they design and make it all right here in Christchurch.  This year they’ve upped the game and are offering spot prizes specifically for spectators (don’t worry they’ve got something for competitors as well).  If this gets a few more people courtside and exposes bike polo to a few new people then that has to be a good thing.  Oh they offer FREE shipping worldwide on all their on-line sales so whan you arrive back home and want a pair of the famous Cactus canvas shorts you’ll see a bunch of us CHC players sporting you can order ’em up!