Been Spoked?

Hey there.  We hope you’re visiting this page because you received one of our intro spoke cards on your bike and resisted the temptation to immediately put it in the bin.  So, welcome to Hardcourt Bike Polo.  If you’re keen to see what we do and how we roll feel free to come down to Heathcote Domain courts on a Friday evening after 7:30pm.  We have spare mallets and even a spare polo bike for you to use, you are of course welcome to bring your own bike but suggest that it’s not your “#1 ride” just incase it gets scratched.

Whilst Hardcourt bike polo may seem like a dangerous sport, serious crashes are rare and injuries are not common.

We’d love to meet you as a fellow cyclist and introduce you to the sport of bike polo – it’s highly addictive and possibly the most fun you’ll have on two wheels!

See you soon!

Christchurch Hardcourt Bike Polo-sist.


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