WWIII – Surly

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Surly have been a great supporter of Winter Whack since “the original”.  Just prior to that tournament the guys at Surly developed the first easily obtainable, freewheel compatible, 135mm spaced, 48h polo hub.  We had approached them as a possible supporter and they surprised us by sending over one of the very first sets of those hubs – prior to actual release for sale.

Today their supporter prize package for WWIII arrived via Fed Ex.  It contained yet another set of 48h polo hubs (this time a fix /free 135mm spaced version) along with a great swag of other cool stuff.  It speaks volumes of Surly that they supplied us with another polo tournament essential in that package – a whistle…. cleverly shaped as a glow in the dark set of breasts.  Few other sponsors would be so brave!  Whilst Surly are not rooted in bike polo they “get” us, get what we do and what we are about.


WWIII – Why we love Three Boys Brewery

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Winter Whack has always been pitched as a bike polo tournament for all abilities, one where newbies and “guns” can enjoy playing the sport they love in a tournament format.  We’ve strived hard to run a tournament that keeps improving year on year, changing things that didn’t work and keeping things that do.  Part of  this inclusiveness  has been how we distribute the prizes we’re given by our supporters.  This year we’ve looked again at the prize format and where we can are approaching it in an even more inclusive way – everybody equal, something for all.  Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce our sponsors and supporters on this blog, they are all real people who we’ve developed relationships with over the last 3 Winter Whacks and deserve more than just a logo on a poster and the link to the left there <.

Three Boys Brewery have been a Winter Whack sponsors since the very beginning and have generously given their brews as prizes to deserving winners and participants.  They brew just down the road and their beers are un filtered, un pasteurised and damn tasty.   This year instead of pretty bottles, giftpacks and glasswear they’re suppling a keg of their wonderful IPA.  25L of the finest local brew for all to share  – Cheers Ralph and the Three Boys Brewery you guys are legends!

WWIII – Hit ‘Em In The Mouth

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A treat for the polo geeks – We’re going to be screening the new full length Bike Polo Documentary Hit ‘Em In The Mouth from the good folks at 47 North Productions (Seattle) at WWIII.  Suddenly I feel like this is becoming more of a bike polo festival than just a tap about on a frosty weekend.  Film Trailer here.  Details of when and where to come soon.

WWIII – Friday Night Knife Fights

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Somewhere between skill and luck is the 1 vs 1 polo known as Knife Fights.  Monster Energy are bringing the party for this, a truck, sound system, wayyyy to much caffeine and sugar packed into a can… a perfect kick start to an awesome weekend!  We’ll be running two Knife Fight courts this year to accommodate all of you wonderful polo peeps.  More polo by more people more often!

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Shuffle ii – Roundup

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It’s been a long time coming but here’s the podium shot of the winning shuffle team – Team Green.  Well done ya’ll.  MVP went to Andy  (again).  It was great to have out-of-towners come play with us, thanks to those from Timaru, Pleasant Point and Oxford for making the effort and to everyone’s favourite German player – Jojo for flying over from Brisbane – shot bro’.

Shuffle ii Crews

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Here’s the team lists for the 12th Feb… click it to see who’s with ya.

Shuffle ii teams

Shuffle Trophy

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Darryl has been keeping this trophy safe “in the pool room” since Team Black won it last year – it’s all dusted off and ready to be re-presented to the Shuffle ii winners.

Shuffle II

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Time to “Shuffle” again and this year we’re inviting the whole of the South Island (Te Waka a Maui) polo scene, it’s going to be a Bench Minor format and there’s a sweet trophy lurking around for the winning team.

Bench what? – A Bench Minor format involves teams made up of 6 or more players – 3 players on court and a “bench” of substitute players.  Games last 60mins and the team with the highest score wins (not just the first to 5 goals).  We’ll play a round robin and the team with a ‘bye” will be the referees, score keepers and hecklers.

Do I pick my team? – Nope, the pre-nominated team captains do that a week or so before the tournament, you simply register your attendance and the names go into a “draft”…kind of like how school yard teams are selected for cricket at lunchtime in Standard 3… kinda.

Team Colours? – Yep you bet!  Custom printed tees of good quality for $15 and they’ll be colour coded by team to help remember who’s with ya.  Check here for sizing and let me know your size when you register (just flick me a reply email).  Colours will be chosen in a lucky dip by team captains and ordered up.

Why a draft? – If this goes to plan the teams should be fairly evenly matched and make for some epic polo on the day.  It also accommodates players of all abilities and styles to do well as part of a strong team [ this tournament is for all players and relies on players of all abilities attending!!!!!].

Different Rules? – Only a small handful and a referee with a whistle to keep things sane during player substititions.

Team Captains, who? – TBA but will be people who’ve got a handle on the scene to enable a fair draft / team selection, actual “leadership” can be decided once the teams are formed.

Sunday 12th Feb – is a regular polo session date so we don’t need to book the courts but let’s get there at 1:30pm to set up for a 2pm-ish first game.

Let’s BBQ too – BYO for this of course.

Hopefully we can put together 3 or 4 teams for this ‘cos it’s going to be freakin’ awesome!  Please “register” by 29th January, then drop $15 bucks into the group account for your tee shirt and let me know your tee size.

Heads Up – Winter Whack 3

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Dates for Winter Whack 3 are all nailed down – Kicking off with Friday Night Knife Fights at 8pm.  This is Queens Birthday weekend here in NZ so there will be Epic Pick-Up on the Sunday (3rd).  Loads more details to come.  This is strategically placed halfway between AHBPC and WHBPC, get here!


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Found this on the League of bike polo… that front wheel cover and Cheese Cutter cap are a dead giveaway to the models identity.