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Another Sticker…

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No prizes for guessing who created this one, a classic none the less:

First 6 Stickers

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The results of your creative efforts.  There’s another 24 stickers out there in the polo-dom, would love to see what they say about your polo rig!

Click the pic to make it bigger

Sweet Caroline

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One of our most missed Quake refugees Marc has been spreading the Bike Polo love down in Timaru and has established a good polo scene down there on the courts at Caroline Bay.  Having another South Island scene is a huge step for Bike Polo in NZ and we’re going to have the opportunity to play them really soon at a Timaru Sports Demonstration Evening on Wednesday 26th October… mid-week road trip!

They’ve put together this little helmet cam movie, which reminds me of our own similar efforts 2 years ago.  Watch both, they’re a great reminder of how new scenes start out.

Timaru Helmet Cam 2011

Christchurch Helmet Cam 2009

Derby Demo

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A big thanks to Dead End Derby for allowing us to showcase Hardcourt Bike Polo infront or their spectators.  CBS arena has the best playing surface for bike polo ever, super smooth!  I’m looking for more images of us playing – they’re out there somewhere.  For now this time lapse by Charlie Fox is really cool and we star in the first 20 seconds.

Demo Promo

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CHC Hardcourt now has a Facebook page – it may (or may not) become the hub for communications on all things bike polo in CHC, get over there and give it a like!!  We’ve also put together the flyer below for the Derby Demo, showcasing the new CHC Hardcourt Logo (Thanks to Matt from So-Yo Polo in the UK for some help on the flyer).  You like?

Derby Demo

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Twelve of CHC Hardcourt’s finest players will be reppin’ hard at the Derby Day Out on Sat 8th October – CBS Arena.  We’ve been allocated the “curtain raiser” slot from 5pm.  Get your tickets to the Derby via Ticketek, get there as the doors open and enjoy some extra entertainment before the spectacle that is a Roller Derby Bout.  It’s gonna be AWESOME!!

Welcome Wellington

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Looks like Nathaneal is knocking things into shape in Wellington – it’s no secret that the Capital city has had a stop start history of bike polo for a Looooog time, let’s hope this one sticks!!  Keep track on their blog.  CU guys in Taupo?

Taupo TAP OUT Tournament

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You heard it here first (probably) the Taupo Tap Out is all locked in for Friday 25th November, scheduled to coincide with the Taupo Bikefest and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (Sat 26th).  Polo on Friday and a quick spin around the lake on Saturday on a polo gear…. nah.  This should be great exposure for Bike Polo as the town population doubles over this weekend with the roadies in town.  Rumour has it that the semi’s and finals of the polo tournament will be played on the main street from 6pm Friday!

Famous on TV… again

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In case you weren’t watching TV after school and missed the report on Hardcourt Bike Polo that aired on The Erin Simpson Show click the image below and take a look.  Footage and interviews were taken at Winter Whack ii tournament.  Seems like they did a fair bit of research for this and apart from declaring that bike polo was invented in 1981 (for most kids watching this show that would seem like 100 years ago anyway) they did a great job.  Kids league for Summer?

Click this to head over to YouTube