WWIII – Surly

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Surly have been a great supporter of Winter Whack since “the original”.  Just prior to that tournament the guys at Surly developed the first easily obtainable, freewheel compatible, 135mm spaced, 48h polo hub.  We had approached them as a possible supporter and they surprised us by sending over one of the very first sets of those hubs – prior to actual release for sale.

Today their supporter prize package for WWIII arrived via Fed Ex.  It contained yet another set of 48h polo hubs (this time a fix /free 135mm spaced version) along with a great swag of other cool stuff.  It speaks volumes of Surly that they supplied us with another polo tournament essential in that package – a whistle…. cleverly shaped as a glow in the dark set of breasts.  Few other sponsors would be so brave!  Whilst Surly are not rooted in bike polo they “get” us, get what we do and what we are about.


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