From Japan with Love

Posted: April 23, 2011 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Following the Earthquake here in Christchurch on 22nd February I had contact from a bunch of players around the polo world checking in to see how we were and if the courts were OK.  Amongst them was Riki from Tokyo, a city who too are familiar with earthquakes (this was before the events in Japan of 11 March).  Amongst the craziness of life here in Christchurch post Feb 22nd the members of Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo had quietly taken it upon themselves to collect donations from a number of Japanese Bike Polo clubs to aid us in our recovery.  In all a sum of about $300NZD was donated to us in a quick Paypal transfer late last week.  I think I speak for us all as at Christchurch Hardcourt in offering the Japanese players our gratitude and thanks for their support, we are immensely humbled by your generosity and goodwill.   What’s even more astounding is that they still had the heart to give us this following the devastation from their own countries earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe.  We are indeed privileged to be part of the global bike polo community.

Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo can be found here, (if you can read Japanese or are prepared to view it with a lousy google translation).  Leave a message of thanks when you do.


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