Skip the Light Fantastic

Posted: November 22, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

An extra session held last thursday to honour the newly installed floodlights to the courts.   They were indeed fantastic, enough to attract all sorts of regular and irregular players onto the court (as well as a load of grass beetles!).  Then after 45mins the lights began to turn themselves off, one by one for the next half hour…till darkness became our too familiar friend at Heathcote courts once again.  Seriously, how hard can getting operational floodlights at these courts be?

For the record here’s how we rolled:

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  1. Polo Camo says:

    The friendly people at Connetics have solved our little electrical complication and have assured me we’ll have fully operational lights from now on….better have a long session tonight to test them out, aye!

  2. […] We in Christchurch are indeed lucky with our Council approved courts and newly installed floodlights (at the councils expense). Just keep working at it…good things take time! Reply […]

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