Step 8. – Light at the end of the Tunnel

Posted: November 18, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

I rolled on over to the courts today, half expecting to be disappointed but excited just at the thought that the Connetics light crew may have done their “bit”.  Turned up to find the guys putting the final tweaks on the last floodlight, they even let me flick the switches and take all the glory.  All 4 light poles operational with brand new light heads!!


Darren from Connetics was almost as excited as I was to get these suckers going - 400 Watts per lamp!



I’m not sure if everyone feels as triumphant as I do about these floodlights but f*ck it’s been a huge amount of energy on my behalf to get this far…and today I’m stoked!!  Extra polo tonight to celebrate.

  1. Polo Camo says:

    Well they all worked for about 1hr then progressively went ‘”out” ’till none now work!
    Step 9. Phone Facilities Maintenance Coordinator…

    • Polo Camo says:

      Re-checked the lights this morning and they all work again, so guess it must be some overheating issue, or as Darryl suggested last night “something simple to do with electricity”.

  2. Brook says:

    Thats great! One step ahead of most cities. Now Christchurch can get all that practice in before Sydney’s bench tourney in Feb!

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