So Yo Polo Co. – Bro’

Posted: November 11, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

A couple of Sheffield polo people came to visit us last weekend and join us for a game.  It’s great when the polo-verse sends visitors from around the globe, especially when they come armed with stickers to give out!  A huge turn out of locals ,  fantastic weather and a new polo ball all combined for a lively session.  The loaner bike added another victim to its list –  throwing our So Yo visitor groundward at mid sprint, leaving him with a gnarly road rash souvenir to take away – sorry Podge, we should have warned you of its reputation…

Thanks for visiting, enjoy the rest of your travels.



  1. madkiwichick says:

    Please tell me there are more of these stickers! i would love one Please!

  2. madkiwichick says:

    Great day guys thanks for the good company and stinky hot day of games. Until we meet again CU>

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