Polo Parts – Swap ’em

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

This comment from Polo Beer is hidden away in the post about SSWC10:

I’m thinking that next sunday (Let’s make it the 7th November) we should have a swap meet of anything useful relating to polo.  I have bike bits that would make great add ons to your stead and some frames and mtb bikes to swap for anything of interest.  No money needed as I have none, just good old fashioned barter.  Would anyone else contribute?

Clear out your garage / shed and re-distribute the contents of your parts bin for the greater good of Bike Polo – sweet idea!

  1. Chickenlegs says:

    I have a complete bike to giveaway.

  2. Polo Beer says:

    I have an avanti mtb with horizontal dropouts,Red Ano mtb wheels,fat as 2.5″ mtb road tyres,Chainrings,cogs,freewheels,seatposts,another old steel mtb frame,grips…etc etc.

  3. Mercutio Messenger says:

    I’m confused about the date, next Sunday is the 31st but not a designated Polo date…

    We should play on the 31st any way, right? Give you, what is it you lot ride? oh yeah, Single Speeders a chance tells us all about the World Champs…

  4. Mark P says:

    sweet – I am moving house that weekend, will have a clean out of some parts.

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