SSWC10 Pick-Up Polo

Posted: October 14, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

A chance to play some friendly games in a different town (Rotorua) with some international visitors, bring a crate and a relaxed demeniour for 3 evenings of polo in a row!

These courts look good from Google Maps, hopefully they’ll be OK in real life!


  1. Polo Beer says:

    Yet another event I get to miss. Oh well will have to play on the usual sunday with who ever shows up at our local. HARD TIMES!

    Im thinking the next sunday we should have a swap meet of anything usefull relating to polo I have bike bits that would make great add ons to your stead. And some frames and mtb bikes to swap for anything of interest. No money needed as I have none. Just good old fashioned barta? would anyone else contribute?

  2. Polo Camo says:

    Barter bonanza…tho’ my parts bin got cleaned out on the “Kona Lona” bike. Still a seriously good idea!

  3. Podge says:

    I’ll be there representing SoYo Polo Co. Got some stickers to give out too

  4. Mercutio Messenger says:

    I may some left over parts once my next project is finished. Can we do this after SSWC10?

    Any chance of Polo fix tomorrow? Pretty please… I’ve got an itch I need to scratch

  5. Chickenlegs says:

    I have a whole complete dunger bike someone can have.

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