Magic Gear

Posted: September 22, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Polo is kind of hard on bikes.  They (and sometimes their riders) get dropped, scratched, knocked and run over, so when it comes to chosing a perfect polo bike it is often the simplest bike that makes for the most durable over time.  Christchurch has had a strong MTB scene for a number of years and with that has come an abundance of available used mountain bikes at an affordable price tag (around $30 to $50 on Trademe if you’re prepared to wait for a bargain to appear).   Single speed bikes are par for the polo course, they are by nature both simple and durable.  However the stock of used MTB’s are almost solely those with vertical dropouts at the rear and generally require some sort of tensioner to sort out the chain slack when converting one to a single speed, taking away some of the simplicity and durability intended in the conversion.

Today I found this fantastic resource online Fix Me Up! I immediately measured my chainstay length and entered the appropriate numbers in the appropriate boxes…went out and purchased a 1/2 link for my chain and have now eliminated the clunky old derailleur off my “ghetto” single speed conversion.  All my previous attempts at finding the “Magic Gear” have involved the “Hit and Miss” technique and have always missed.  This site is a gem for those wanting to add simplicity to their polo rig.  Nice.

  1. Polo Beer says:

    I can get the halflinks if any one needs them. Only problem is when the chain stretches, even slightly the chances of the chain comming off are much higher. I have found that its fine when commuting or just riding along becuase the chain is taught at the top while pedaling but when the bike is getting the beatting of its life it will throw the chain more often then none(on Court). To eliminate as much stretch as poss try using an old chain or the current chain as a new chain will stretch on the first few rounds on court. (thats the end of the perfect chain length theory).

  2. Polo Beer says:

    I see reading the info on chain stretch it states to use a new chain for getting perfect length. I would use that as a guide to get the length and see if it works on your current chain first. Im guessing they aren’t taking using your bike for polo into consideration. All the hard turning ,hopping,skidding,swerving etc. will throw that chain pretty quick! Nothing worse than the chain comming off when standing on the pedals.
    I have been trying all those theories since 1999 when I started racing singlespeeds so take my advice any way you like guys. Just by aware of that chain if your using the “magic” length on court. Unfortunately bike Polo is a bit different to std SS biking.


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