Light in the Far East

Posted: September 15, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Getting the floodlights operational at the courts has been an epic task of almost biblical proportions.  Today I met the “Smart meter” installer on site, the final link to providing power to the site and enabling the first test in 8 years for the floodlights…to see if they even work.  To add to the biblical theme there was of course the earthquake.  Thankfully this hasn’t spelled the end of the world but did wobble the 10m high light poles enough to re-position the floodlight heads to a mostly straight down position, less than ideal for an even spread of light.

Once the meter was installed and the main switch turned on, it was with slight nervousness I flicked the 4 floodlight switches and waited to be dazzled.  “How long do these things usually take to fire up?” I asked the meter man.  “Maybe 20 seconds or so” he replied.  Suddenly like a star over a certain barn in a certain bible story the light in the Far East corner began to shine…a miricle I thought.  However, that was it, just one light of the four!

If anyone wants to play 1/2 court basketball on Friday evening you’ll be sweet, for the rest of us bring your headlamps again this week… The CCC have been advised of the situation and “will look into it in due course”.

  1. kiwirobbie says:

    Craig you are the 3 wise men and the shepherds rolled into one, may your other 3 stars be seen soon!

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