Winter Whackety Whack

Posted: August 23, 2010 by polonick in Uncategorized

In years to come they will ask “where were you in twenty ten?”, grandchildren will stare at grainy faded photos, look up at you and whisper in wide eyed amazement – “wow, so you were one of the originals?”.

Picture the cake tin stadium, Wellington 2030 (since 2015 they dropped the Westpac sponsor and renamed it The SurlyThreeBoysUpShotCactusEighthInchBasicBikes Stadium and covered it with special tennis court asphalt complete with white lines and MDF side boards, rugby having long gone since that 2011 world cup disaster! but enough of that…). All 27 of us, the original winter whackers, will be wheeled out to kick off the opening ceremony of the bike polo world cup in front of 36,000 mallet waving screaming fans, by 2030 hardcourt bike polo will have truly come of age, but as we know back in 2010 things were so very different…

Back then Sir Craig, or Polo Camo as he was before he became president of the international federation of hardcourt bike poloists (otherwise known as I.FED.HARD.BIKE.POlO) was a one man operation, while many of the other originals aided and assisted it was he that begged, borrowed, designed and made and was the driving force behind the inaugural winter whack. 24 hours before that now famous first call of “Maaaaarco Poooollllo” rang out over the Heathcote Domain it all looked so very dark with several last minute pull outs including PoloBeer Aaron breaking a wrist vaulting a car. This and some very polar weather felt like a bad bad omen but by 10am on Saturday 14 August (as we all know from our school history books) the weather let up and the sun shone down on the twenty one locals and six auckland imports.

All the games were hard fought and overall teams were pretty evenly matched, most games went the full 15 minutes (apart from Polo Disco of course who barely broke a sweat and probably notched up a total of only 10 minutes play over the whole day – they were always the favourites and eased their way to the golden mallets while the rest of us skidded, t boned, shuffled, shot, missed, swerved, hooted and howled as best we could. The adrenaline pumped along with the music but at the end of the day no blood only skid marks were left on the court.

So cheers and a big hand to all that sponsored, helped, catered, played and supported and made it an epic day never to be forgotten. Remember, keep those wheel covers, plaster casts, frame the photos and don’t ever forget YOU were one of the originals.

PS anyone want to buy a set of candy red deepV rims and two single speed surly hubs before they go on trademe?…….couldn’t resist… sorry Craig.

  1. Polo Camo says:

    Those wheels better be built up and on the court come Sundays session…

  2. Polo Beer says:

    Candy Red!!! much easier target!! HAHHAHAHAHAH just kidding.

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