Lucky Charm

Posted: August 11, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Clovers have long been associated with good luck and today I received one in the post.  I’m taking it as a good Omen for the tournament on Saturday, from the hardcourt bike polo gods.  In fact it’s a little gift from Ben Schultz in Chicago that has taken nearly a year to get here – uncanny timing tho’.  If you’re wondering what it actually is, it’s a spoke tool for use on a wheel with wheel covers – no need to remove the covers whilst truing an out-of-whack wheel after an incident with a certain CHCH player.  It might just come in handy this weekend, I’ll bring it along incase you need it!

Custom Bike Polo gadget

  1. Chickenlegs says:

    Brilliant, yep removing the wheel cover can be a pain especially when it’s held on by many, many cable ties.

    I hope I don’t need to use it this weekend !!
    “that” person is on my team. Am I safe ?

  2. Polo Camo says:

    Not if the incident with the visiting player from Perth is anything to go by…in fact you’ll be on court more times over the weekend with said player than anyone else. Odds not looking good aye.

  3. kiwirobbie says:

    maybe quicker to use gap between gate and fence, i can recommend it!

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