Surly Santa

Posted: July 30, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

I’ve been workin’ hard on getting a good mix of sponsors for the Winter Whack tournament and can now reveal a little surprise to ya’ll (although some of you will already know as I find it hard to keep secrets).  I mentioned in the “Go for Gold” post below that some of the best prizes will be shelled out as spot prizes by random draw.  Probably the best of the best is a collaboration between Basic Bikes and Surly Bikes USAA Bike Polo Wheelset, yep you read right, a set of Velocity Deep V’s / Chukkers lovingly laced to some shiny new Surly 36h singlespeed hubs – You can thank me for sorting this later… maybe after you win them!

The confirmation of Surly’s sponsorship came via this email this morning and is too good to stay piled up in my inbox:

“Oh yes, there are 36h hubs, just as you describe.  And other stuff.  It’s a Christmas cornucopia of miracles and puppy dog noses!  Santa knows what you want.  He sees you when you’re “sleeping” and he knows when you’re straining hard to hear what mommy and daddy are yelling about through the door when you should be asleep.  But does Santa judge?  A thousand times NO!  He is Santa, and he can kick your ass!  –but he does not, for his strength lives not in his brute force but in his wisdom.  He is a kind and considerate fat old stranger, this Santa.  He often smells like aftershave and booze.”
Astute blog followers will already have seen that the Surly logo now appears on our poster – if not then go take a look.

  1. Chickenlegs says:

    Nice work Craig and Basic Bikes and Surly.
    I look forward to winning that spot prize !!

  2. scratchmeow says:

    Ka pai!

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