The Pit

Posted: July 27, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Dean sent me a fairly nonchalant email last week about not being able to make it to the Winter Whack as he’d be on holiday.  Then a few days later he sent me this email:

“Hi C, heres some shots of the polo game I went to last night in New York.  They play pretty similar rules, they just have a different way of selecting teams, they throw the mallets into the middle and someone shuffles them behind thier back and throws 3 to each end of the court.  Their playing area is also a bit bigger than ours and is completely walled in, so it makes for slightly faster play. “

His gallery is here –

He has now visited one of the “7 wonders” of the polo world, The Pit in NYC. Yes I’m envious!!  I can’t tell if he played or not, I hope he did and has cool new polo skillz to share when he gets back to CHCH.

  1. kiwirobbie says:

    well i don’t think NYC polo has anything more than Christchurch HBP has except maybe warm weather!

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