First Fifteen

Posted: July 26, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Here in the land of Rugby (AKA New Zealand) there is much honour in being selected for your High School’s First Fifteen and is a pivotal moment in many a young Kiwi lad’s life.

A full year ago the Tour De France 2009 finished and while Lance faded from former glory to a lower podium position,  I was left wondering what would become of the summer ahead.  In my first post on this blog I spoke of “Post Tour de France depression” which is a yearly seasonal disorder in our household and I planned to combat it by finding new and interesting ways to spend summer on my bike.  The short version is that I found Hardcourt Bike Polo on the Internet.  I was captivated by this particular video segment – enough to make me want to go out and play right there and then.

Bike polo is not, like most other activities on a bike,  an individual sport and requires enthusiastic others to make it happen.  So, I set about finding and introducing others to Bike Polo (as most of you’ll know).  In my Google research I came across a blog entry from one Christchurch local known as Chicken Legz – a kindred spirit looking for something other than Rugby to fill his winters and an entry on the famous Vorb website from one “Jesus Scotland” who too was looking for more ways to have fun on a bike – Hardcourt Style.  Oddly and independently, these were posted within weeks of each other and represented everything on Hardcourt bike polo in Christchurch that Google could find.  I had no idea if anyone else would be keen to play and to be honest I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to play 2 vs 2 games once a month for the Summer only.

On the day of the final stage of the Tour De France 2010 (as Lance slipped well off a podium placing) Christchurch Hardcourt Bike Polo had its’ First Fifteen – the first time we’ve had 15 players turn up to any one session (not to mention the spectators who almost outnumbered the players) – a “pivotal moment” or just part of the growth of Hardcourt bike Polo in Christchurch?.  A lot can happen in a year…

  1. chickenlegs says:

    Definitely a great turnout and some spirited play as well. I’m glad Aaron is on my team for the Winter Whack . . . or am I ??

    • Polo Beer says:

      Just reminding you that i am on your team! Someone had to put on the big crash for the crowd..Its like boxing was all staged I tell ya! Keiren and I planned to crash into each other and I was suppose to roll off the bike and into the fence at high speed!!! perfect crowd pleaser.

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