Go for Gold

Posted: July 10, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

This week a bunch of the prizes for the Winter Whack Tournament began to materialise, three of which arrived by USPS Priority Mail in a large box.  Enclosed in that box are the prizes for the Tournament Champions, the limited edition – only available to tournament winners – can’t buy them, have to earn them – almost too good to use – damn cool – Eighthinch Golden Mallets.  There’s also a bonanza of other great prizes to be won, either by standing on the podium or just by entering… we’ll be shelling out some of the best of these as spot prizes by random draw, you just gotta get a team on court to be in to win!  This is a tournament for all abilities and is not (as some journalists would lead you to believe) an elitist  “National Champs”.  Winter Whack is about playing good Hardcourt Bike Polo with cool people and wearing a big grin on your face all day long… you may just carry a prize home with you too.  Motivated yet?

  1. Polo Beer says:

    Go on admit it you had a couple of cheaky hits with it.

    • Polo Camo says:

      Not yet but it’s pretty tempting. I haven’t been able to make them glow like it does in the picture either, perhaps that function only works after scoring a goal or maybe I need to work out where the Triple A’s go.

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