Auckland Hardcourt Article

Posted: July 8, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

It seems that we’re hosting the “Nationals” now and not just a casual tournament on a frosty Christchurch day… perhaps we’ll put together the uber Christchurch team for the National title once we’re all played out with the Winter Whack.  Good to see some recognition of our sport in NZ tho’, well done guys –  (it must be a sport, it’s in the sport section of the paper).  Click the pic to see it bigger – then you can read it!

Dude's gonna take someone's eye out with a backswing like that!

  1. Polo Beer says:

    This is gona be huge!!! And they dont mind getting roughed up Sweeeeettt!
    Still not sure about going all fixie with no brakes! i think you would be ltd to how fast you can sprint -to- stop on a fixie so saying that I would say that our SS with brakes are they way to go still. Will have to see them in action to make my mind up.


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