Space Invaders & Snow Cones

Posted: June 3, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

"It's Bike Polo, Jim, but not as we know it".

Sounds like a trip to the corner dairy in 1984, but for most Kiwis there’s more to this posts title than meets the eye.  As some of you know I took a wee trip over to Brisbane last weekend, whilst there I visited the Throw Up! hardcourt bike polo tournament.   I managed to get myself into 2 games as a “filler” to help even out numbers during the rounds.  I even scored a few goals and finished both games with a stupid grin on my face…damn those Aussie kids play great bike polo!  If the level of gameplay, organisation and general good-ness of this tournament is anything to go by, the Australian Nationals in September are gong to be amazing.

I took a few photos of the scene, but compared to these they were crap…so just head to that blog instead, it will be worth your while.

A huge thanks to Virginia and Maija for lending me bikes and bike parts to get me onto the court, also to everyone who said “Gidday mate, where ya from?”.

See you at Mondays’ (Queens Birthday) game, there will be Snow Cones and Space Invaders… I can almost guarantee it!


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