Red Ball Rampage

Posted: March 26, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Hot weather street hockey ball, the choice of champions?

In an exchange of resources from Melbourne to Christchurch, we now have 3 “hot weather” street hockey balls.  These are rated by the manufacturer as being suitable for temperatures above 24°C and are the preferred ball of many Hardcourt players worldwide, right down to temperatures just above freezing.  As clarification we have Mylec “Reds”… the more preferred are the Franklin “Reds”.  Right out of the package I noticed these were a) red, b) hard & c) bouncy.  ‘Till now we’ve been playing with Franklin “orange” warm weather balls quite happily, but as a friend of mine once said, “How do you know you don’t like chocolate if you’ve only ever had strawberry.”

Second game on court we placed the Red ball at centre court for the first time and lined up for the joust… less than 2 minutes later the ball soared well over the 3 metre high chainlink fence and never returned to play.  I don’t know what all the fuss over red balls is but that thing bounced around like a ping pong ball and threatened to mame anything in its’ flight path.  My theory is that the Melbourne crew may be trying to eliminate us all with head wounds prior to September’s “Australian Nationals”, thereby quashing a possible Kiwi victory!  I think we’d better get clarification on which ball will be used in Brisbane and get some practice using the Tournament balls.

The Red Ball Rampage (not to be confused with the Red Bull Rampage) may have been the highlight for our Press reporter, who I think was there to report on a Bike Polo Demolition Derby.  Apart from the Press photographer’s “spill” (props to him for taking an active reporting role), there were few crashes, just a warm evening playing Publicity Polo.

  1. lepistaresistance says:

    We’ve been using the red Mylecs recently in Sydney. In hot weather we found even the red Franklins were too squishy.

    I had similar thoughts about the red mylecs to start with but they actually soften up to a more usable and friendly level after a few games. I’d recommend giving em another go.

  2. robyntwemlow says:

    hay C.
    Im happy to smack the red ball around for a couple of weeks to see if it “softens up” at all. We are moving into a house on Brabourne st
    this friday (about 100m away from the court!)
    so I might get some sneaky practice shots in before the next round.
    By the way I can get some old pallets from around work but not sure if they are going to be good enough?

  3. Hey there,

    Thats surprising to hear, we’ve had a great time with these in the hot weather over the past few months. We’ve tried a franklin red but it’s not as popular (rubberier and heavier).

    When it gets below 25 degrees we switch back to the orange balls.

    _exactly_ what temperature was it… and are you at any altitude at all?


  4. Polo Camo says:

    If I recall correctly, 20C and if Google maps is a good indicator we were playing at 8m above sea level…it’s pretty flat in Christchurch! I don’t think we’re alone in our experience of the Mylec Reds. League of bike polo has had an interesting forum discussion on balls this week.

  5. oddbike says:

    I dont mind using the red ball, but it spends a lot of time above bar height (making it against the rules to hit it). whats the rules on using your body/head to block/hit the ball??

  6. Polo Camo says:

    Ahh rules, the bain of any new sport. Over at League of bike Polo there is this discussion on the forum, If you can wade thru the B.S. you might find an answer to your question, otherwise we’ll just have to decide for ourselves what’s cool and what’s not!

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