Taco Pronto & a No Show

Posted: March 14, 2010 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

Thanks to all of you for making the effort to come out on a toasty Sunday afternoon and play “Publicity Polo”…to an absent media.  Not only did I comb my hair for the occasion but I also prettied up my polo bike with a new rear wheel.  A 26” Velocity Deep V, 36 spoke, laced 4 cross is supposed to be a fairly bombproof polo wheel, not quite as beefy as the polo specific Velocity Chukker but stronger than most.  However, during the last part of the first game it developed a significant crash-induced wobble, not quite a taco…but unrideable.  I blame dodgy spoke tension but if it can’t be fixed I’ll just blame Aaron. 😉

Not sure what happened to our media coverage but I’ll keep you posted.

  1. robyntwemlow says:

    Blame me go on…. I put it down to bad lacing from the previous owner. If you have any problems im quite happy to rebuild it for ya. I have all the gear to build it RIGHT! and i enjoy building wheels so let me know. Otherwise I had the best session all summer last week it was sweet as fun and i think all the game play is starting to show as all the local clan are getting rather good at it now.

  2. Polo Camo says:

    Yeah the skill level has ramped up a bit…we may just about be at “tournament level” in time for the Australasian Champs in Brisbane – September ’10!

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