Six & out!

Posted: December 14, 2009 by Polo Camo in Uncategorized

The last Thursday pick up session for ’09 (HCBP session #6) was epic.  Two of the three games we played extended close to 30 minutes long…each!  So I guess we’ve all gotten a lot better at our defensive play, or we’re just crap at goal shots?!  It would be fair to say that for many it was a chance to trial teams for “Christchurch’s first ever* hardcourt bike polo tournament” to be held on the weekend.  Unfortunately for Rick a clipless pedal / cleat non-dis-engagement put him out of  tournament contention with a broken arm.  Not that we knew this at the time as he kept playing on until the end of the session, then rode home.  Later that evening he suspected something “hurt a little more than it should”.

Keepin' it in the family, the HB's hone their game play.

AB shuffling the ball from A to B.


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